Hey 👋 I'm Luke. I've been making private forum software for over two years. I'm now building a public platform that anyone can use.

My first custom iteration was built in 2016 as part of the core Minehut website. The Node.js project was serving 200,000+ pageviews per week. I was able to build experience working with large scale production forums used by thousands daily.

After selling Minehut in 2018, I turned my focus to build the next generation of public forum software. I teamed up with Dominic Lee to build something great.

Our Mission

Create the premium community forums service for the modern world. We want to reinvent the way community forums exist.
Speed Leverage the latest web technology. Make it fast. Super fast.
Elegant Ditch the ancient forum template that everyone else uses. Redesign from the ground up.
Affordable No licensing fees. No absurd support costs. Just one affordable monthly rate.

The Team

We're both UC Riverside students and love to code. Making products is our passion.
Luke Chatton
Dominic Lee


Empowering communities through web tech.