Enjin vs Forums.gg

Considering switching for Forums.gg? 🎉 That's great! We're going to list a few leading reasons to make the switch.

Elegant Design

Enjin is old. The service dates back to 2010 and is cluttered with technical debt. On the other hand, Forums.gg was built with the latest web technology. We focus on speed, ease of use and rapid development. Communities on Forums.gg benefit from weekly updates and bug fixes.

The design speaks for itself. Using ancient tech to host your community website will disrupt user acquisition, harm SEO ratings and lead to a weak web presence.

Speed is key

We built our platform on Node.js. It's fast. Very fast. Enjin is still stuck on a backend designed in 2010. Requests take seconds. Our requests take milliseconds.

Using modern tooling let's us rapidly build new features. New features are pushed out every week. Enjin hasn't received a major update in over a year. Yikes.

Threaded Forums

Ever use reddit? So do we. Threaded forums keep your discussion organized, even when your community hits exponential growth status.


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