An app built for speed
with focus on simplicity
hosted in the cloud
shipped for less.

Built for speed was built on the newest web technology. Each site runs on Angular 6 with Apollo & GraphQL backed by a lightning fast Node.js API.

Our competitors are still stuck running PHP libraries from 2010. This gives us the edge in speed, development pace and stability.

Simplicity first

We rebuilt the forums experience with simplicity in mind. From reddit-style threaded posts to redesigned topic navigating, the UI will define the next generation of forum software.

No confusing menus, no ugly popups. Everything works like you expect it to.

Cloud hosted

Don't get caught up trying to scale your forums to keep up with community growth. Self hosted software will prove troublesome as your community grows to new heights.

Let us handle the scaling for you. We host all our sites in the cloud where they can scale as needed.

Shipped for less

Modern tooling means optimized backends. Each community site costs a flat $7 / month. That's cheap, really cheap.

Obsolete software like Xenforo costs $140 for a license alone. After hosting, plugins & themes, you're looking at $250+ for a site slower than Myspace.

Empowering communities through web tech.